Email for Android

We're welcoming Android users to join the party.

Faster than any other mail app

Super Fast

More time is spent in mail than any other app on the phone. Use your time wisely – no more tapping a message and waiting.

Have your cake and eat it too

Any Account


Oops, I did it again


Ever hit send and wish you hadn't? Accidentally archive a message? Quickly undo those mishaps and more.


Built from the ground up for mail


Tired of waiting for search results? Most apps either skimp on searching locally or call out to the server for the search. Search by contact or keyword through all your inboxes at once.


Break up with your mailing lists


Quickly unsubscribe from mail you no longer want. Take back control of your inbox – one tap at a time.

Up-to-date progress and alerts


Whatever the weather, always know when your package is on the way. Let us do the heavy lifting for you (pun intended).


Real-time trip alerts and updates


Flights, hotels, and more automatically organized in one place. Be the first to get real-time alerts and updates (faster than the airlines) when a flight is delayed or a gate is changed.

An organized inbox is a happy inbox


See your subscriptions, travel, packages, bills, receipts, tickets, and attachments all in one place! Never miss a transaction or delivery again.

Keep your email on lock


Your mail is pulled down to the phone securely and encrypted during transport. Additionally, your messages aren't stored in our cloud.

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