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We spend most of our time in mail, often reading about innovation and productivity. Somewhere along the way, mail got lost. So, we set out to build the best mail experience in the world for mobile.

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Mikael Berner

Mikael Berner



App Analytic Report from 2/22

There are a few outliers we should look at on our growth chart, Can you gather the rest of the details and run

Jeff Pearsall



Can you respond to Mikael's email?

Tomorrow's meeting has a few deliverables that we will need from the design team.

Built from the ground up for mail.


Tired of waiting for search results? Most apps skimp on local search or send lengthy search requests that take time. Experience the first search built from the ground up just for mail. Search (by contact or keyword) through all your inboxes at once! Filter your results and toggle between sent and received messages.

Manage all your inboxes in one place.

No more toe tapping.

Exceptionally Fast

Mail is where we spend most of our day. It keeps us connected to business and social, and stores valuable information. You need a mail app that can keep up and get you to what you want in a flash. No more tapping messages and waiting. EasilyDo Mail is faster than any other mail app!

Like peanut butter and jelly, some things go together.

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Bills & Receipts


Flight to San Francisco

Apr 14 to Apr 17, 2024
Alaska Airlines, AS407

8:00 AM

11:45 AM

Train to Manchester

Mar 10 to Mar 11, 2024
Trainline, Crosscountry

5:38 AM

9:00 AM

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Mar 10 to Mar 11, 2024

Mar 10
2:00 PM

Mar 11
12:00 PM

Rental from Hertz

Jul 3 to Jul 6, 2023

Pick Up
4:00 PM

Drop Off
9:00 AM

Tripod Floor Lamp - Antique Brass

From Target

5 days left

Mar 14

Set Up Hood Stormy Blue L

From JackThreads

2 days left


Women's Flyknit Lunar 3

From Nike

1 day left


I Dig It Necklace

From ModCloth


Feb 28

Bill from Target

Jun 9, 2024
Amount Due: $25.00

Starbucks Receipt

Jun 1, 2024

Apple Store Receipt

May 30, 2024

Bill from Comcast

Jun 4, 2024
Amount Due: $161.92

Alexander's Steakhouse

Apr 10, 2024 at 6:30 PM


Mar 11, 2024 at 7:45 PM

Tuesday Ride - Alum Rock

Jun 7, 2024 at 5:15 PM

Rihanna: Anti World Tour 2016

May 6, 2024 at 7:30 PM

Alerts for more than messages.

Real-time Updates

We understand the tasks in your email and send you additional details to keep you prepared. Get updates on last minute travel delays or changes, and receive up to the minute package shipment details.

Quick access to the features you use most.

Custom Swipe Gestures

Four swipe options make it easy to take action on your inbox. Customize the location and types of actions available in your settings.

'Be together. Not the same.'

android now available!

Get your hands on the first release for Android. We're so excited to get the ball (or Nougat) rolling!

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A key feature is EasilyDo Mail’s speed. The company took a variety of steps to make the app faster than other mail clients, by doing things like tuning the app for each interface (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.); being smart about how messages are loaded; canceling search requests from processing when the user moves onto another task; and hundreds of other adjustments. 


EasilyDo Mail has everything you’d expect from a modern email client, including swipe gestures for snoozing and archiving, but the real appeal is its smart assistant tools. 

Block Read Receipts

Keep your email on lock.

We fell in love with read receipts in WhatsApp and other messaging apps. Now, many mail apps support read receipts; but we miss being able to turn them off! Get control of read receipts in your mail.

Custom Snooze

Keep calm and prioritize.

Swipe a message to snooze and have it come back at any time that suits you. Make your own snooze rules and take care of messages on your schedule.

Undo Send

No regrets.

Ever hit send and wish you hadn't? Hit 'Undo Send' and magically get your email back.

Touch ID

End inbox snooping.

Your mail is encrypted during transport, and securely delivered to your phone. Plus, take advantage of the added secrity of Touch ID.

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